Daily Dump: Kate Upton & Girlfriends At Nobu, Rob Gronkowski At U. Of Arizona Bikini Bash, Donald Brashear MMA Dreams, Wheelchair Streaker, Sexy Plumber Cracks, More Beyonce Sideboob, Teen Mom Farrah Bikini Time & Tony Allen’s Hair!


Hot Chicks With Fish Lips In Bikinis! Joanna Krupa.

• If you had took Hugh Hefner -300 in the Hugh Hefner/Joe Paterno “Which One Will End Up In Motorized Scooter Looking Like Really Old Codger At Disneyland First” pool, you are a winner. Here is the Professor of Poon taking in the sights via scooter the other day. Of course if you had Paterno in the “Which One Will Shit His Pants In Public First” pool, that one already cashed. Both were born in 1926.

• Here is Erin Andrews pimping Reebok last night with Roddy White. Remember, this is the deal that Pageviews will have to terminate in early 2012. Now, if only we can get Chris Berman’s ass off our TVs, specifically Applebee’s commercials. That place is garbage and it wouldn’t even matter if Applebee’s promised virtual naked Kate Upton booth dancing our asses, not going.

• Speaking of Upton, here she is the other night at Nobu with three girlfriends. Listen ladies, we just want to watch you work chopsticks on some sushi. Nothing more.

• You want to know why America is losing? Remain calm. There are assholes out there trying to ban Whiffle Ball at summer camps because it’s too dangerous. Hey assholes, it’s also dangerous to eat shit imported from China and you assholes don’t ban that garbage they sell at Super WalMarts.

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Today’s Dump:

[BroBible] – Here is Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski partying with bikini chicks at U. of Arizona bash

[CageWriter] – Guess who’s joining MMA? Donald Brashear! Admit you are intrigued

[Who Ate All The Pies] – Look at this jerkoff pitch invading a Euro match on his wheelchair

[Coed] – Sexy Plumber Cracks! 90 Photos!

[BoobieBlog] – NSFW Anya & Her Flowers Photos That’ll Get Your Ass Shitcanned By Lunch

[The Superficial] – Jesus H! Even more epic sideboob from Beyonce

[Salty Milk] – MTV Teen Mom Farrah unleashes those implants on Miami Beach

[GCeleb] – Kate Beckinsale & her ass snuggle right into these jeans

[Funtasticus] – A Photo Tribute To The Corset

[Uncoached] – Sexy Chicks Shooting Bows & Arrows

[SB Nation] – Memphis Grizzlies Tony Allen with most amazing playoff haircut you’ll ever see

[CagePotato] – Gina Carano to get back into the ring in June…someone alert Bleacher Report editors!

[DC Sports Bog] – Here is Ovechkin panty dropping the ladies at some cupcake shop in Georgetown

[Off The Bench] – Malaysian caddies by day, prostitutes by night? Yep, you read that right

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