Video: Watch This LSU Baseball Manager Guy Digging For Gold…And Digging For Gold…And Wiping Gold On Dugout Rail

Over the years we’ve shown you sports nose pickers digging for gold, but there was an epic nose picker picked up by ESPN cameras over the weekend during the LSU-Vandy series. The Tigers might have had their asses handed to them this weekend (two losses to #5 Commodores), but the boys from Baton Rouge win for nose picker of the weekend.

Watch dorkwad gettin’ it – AFTER THE JUMP!

Posted: Yesterday

Premise of Video: Looks like a baseball manager to us, going to town behind LSU head coach Paul Mainieri during the customary in-game coach interview with ESPN. Dude tries to conceal the boog to the mouth move but we’ve zoomed in on this video and it looks like he’s eatin’ ’em.

Climax of Video: Dorkwad goes multiple wipes on the dugout rail to rid his finger of a wet one.

Conclusion: Someone needs to out him. Send us his Twitter account. Now.