Photos: Tony LaRussa’s Daughter Bianca Is An Oakland Raiders Cheerleader (18 Photos)

It’s the story of the day on a slow April Monday after Easter. All the blogs are covering this one with special I-Team coverage. Us, on the other hand, don’t really see a story other than the fact that a MLB manager has a daughter who made an NFL cheerleading roster. Might be a first in the history of baseball. We’ll have to get our greasy Indian researchers on it.

Over the weekend the boys at The Big Lead dropped a nugget on how Tony LaRussa’s daughter, Bianca, has been named to the 2011-12 Oakland Raiders cheerleading unit. From our Facebook research, Bianca was mentioning this dream way back in October 2010. Our research also tells us Bianca isn’t your normal cheerleader chick. Um, she likes to listen to Godsmack, Linkin Park, etc.

Good for her. Now can we just get to what you pervs are here for anyway – the photos.

The Bianca LaRussa Photo Gallery & Bonus Shot Of Mom – Clicky!