Mark Sanchez Jumping, Doing Back Flips Off Catamaran In Maui

You know how NFL GMs pray their franchise QBs stay healthy in the off-season and tell them to stay away from basketball courts, ice rinks and jersey chasers with a penchant for eight-figure contracts.

We hate to be giant pussies and would totally do this if we worked on the Best Buy Geek Squad, but maybe someone should tell Jets’ GM Mike Tannenbaum that his franchise, Mark Sanchez,  is in Maui doing backflips and acting like Snooka off the side of a catamaran.

Dirty Sanchez has been vacationing this week with his buddy, former Colorado Buffaloes WR Scotty McKnight, and some business partners. No biggie there, besides the fact that Croatian models aren’t along for the ride.

Luckily for us bloggers, Dirty has been conveniently documenting and Twitvid-ing his adventures. Mark Cuban is so right. We don’t need some stupid scribe to ask Mark what he did in Maui. We get to see it all right here in these videos.

Risk taker.

Just looking back at Super Bowl winning QBs and their wild streaks:

Brady: Shaking his ass in Rio

Manning: Train concerts

Manning: Five For Fighting concerts

Brees: Goes into foreign lands to hang with troops (noted.)

Roethlisberger: Possible rapes (noted.)

Brad Johnson: Hedge trimmers.

Kurt Warner: Sex with his wife pre-facelift and new implants.

Troy Aikman: Maybe a wine cooler at happy hour with Joe Buck here and there.

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