Erin Andrews Treadmill Injury Photos: ESPN Sideline Reporter Busts Chin & Knee In Freak Incident!

Being the solid reporters we are here at Busted Coverage, our normal routine is to keep tabs on certain subjects that you freaks just won’t stop searching for.

Erin Andrews – Kate Upton – Cassie Keller – Jenn Brown – Jamie Edmondson – Suzy Kolber – Alessandra Ambrosio.

So this morning we get to our Erin Andrews search and get slapped in the face with photos of Erin all busted up like some crack whore from South Philly.

Would you believe that EA had a horrible treadmill incident last night? You should, because it happened and resulted in the following photos.

EA mentioned in one tweet that she’ll be in a cocktail dress next week so there is officially an Erin Andrews Knee Watch for the next 7 days. Will it heel? Will Entertainment Tonight have team coverage?

Look, we don’t hear of treadmill injuries very often and then it happens to Pageviews. This is news and Good Morning America hasn’t had dick about this during today’s broadcast.

Get with it, mainstreamers. Know your audience. Know what drives traffic and give your readers what they ‘want’ to know. Erin Andrews chin looking like it has been sucked on by a defensive tackle doesn’t happen often. Take advantage before Bleacher Report comes out with “16 Hottest Sideline Reporters Who’ve Fallen Off Treadmills,” post. Or Bleacher Report’s post “Erin Andrews: Horseface or Beauty? You Make The Call.”