5 Questions: St. Pauli Girl ’11 Jennifer England Is From Michigan, Still Supports Detroit Lions, Drinks Beer, Can Kick Your Ass & Eats Pizza!

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Busted Coverage Editor Jay Koot took time out of his busy schedule to file this report.

Jennifer England has been on the modeling scene for several years now but is embarking on her biggest job yet, as the St. Pauli Girl.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Jennifer to the St. Pauli Girl family this year,” said Steve Nichols, brand manager for Crown Imports, the official U.S. importer of St. Pauli Girl. “She’s a fresh face that will bring new energy to the brand and we look forward to having her meet St. Pauli Girl fans across the country.”

England is a native of Lansing, Mich., and beat out hundreds of other models to win the title. As a model, England has won Miss Venus Swimwear International and Miss Hawaiian Tropic International competitions and appeared in advertising campaigns for brands including Kia and Guess. In addition to her acting and modeling work, England loves sports, including swimming, softball, kickboxing and kayaking.

5 Questions With Jennifer England:

1.) 1. Being a St. Pauli Girl must have some serious benefits. Of course you’ve had encounters with celebrities with this new gig. Who’s been hitting on you, drunken celebs dropping phone numbers and asking you out for cocktails?

The benefits are definitely great, especially the beer deliveries. As far as being hit on, there isn’t that much to tell since I’ve only made a few appearances thus far, but I imagine that may change since I’ll be making more appearances now. My full appearance schedule is on www.stpauligirl.com. There haven’t been any drunken celebrity sightings, but I always encourage people to drink responsibly.

2.) Kickboxing, eh? And you are from Lansing, Mich.! Ever have to kick a guy’s ass because he wouldn’t stop bothering you at a bar? Throw him through a window?

Yes, I kickbox and have for about 14 years now, and yes I’m very proud to be from Michigan. Although I’ve never had to use my skills to fight any guys off, it’s good to know you have the skill if you need it. Guys are cool though, I have two brothers so I think I understand guys more than some. I’m a total tomboy!!

3.) Who is your 5-person dream team to sit around and pound a few St. Pauli’s with?

My five person dream team to sit around and pound a few St. Pauli Girl’s with would be my older brother because of his vast knowledge of beer, my younger brother because he would bring pizza, my mom, the owner of Overboard (a hangover recovery drink) and a designated driver.

4.) We read your Wikipedia page and it says you were into sports and might of had tomboy tendencies. What is your favorite sports memory? Please don’t tell us the 1989 Tigers who lost 103 games and Jack Morris went 6-14.

My favorite sports memory would have to be in 1999, the last second, game-winning touchdown catch by Johnnie Morton of the Detroit Lions against the St. Louis Rams which put the Lions in a tie for 1st place in the NFC Central Division.

5.) Do you actually drink this stuff? How can we get our GFs/wives to enjoy a beer when all they ever want to drink is something girly?

I do drink St. Pauli Girl and the Lager is actually my favorite. I like to enjoy mine with a  pizza! Come on, I don’t think there are any girls from Michigan that don’t like a great beer and a piece of pizza. To get your girlfriend’s or wives to drink a beer with you, you might have to do a trade. Possibly give in to one of her girly movies and she’ll probably agree to a beer and watching a game. It’s worth a shot!


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