Playmate Jaime Edmondson Tells BC About Her Passion For Football

Welcome to the old, but new 5 Questions With Busted Coverage.

It’s our feature where actual celebrities, members of the elite media, athletes, strippers, etc. chat with our gaggle of reporters. Yes, we do get the chance to rap with famous people and figure you’d enjoy the questions we throw their way.

Busted Coverage 5 Questions Editor Joseph Student took time out of his busy schedule to file this report from yesterday’s interview with Jaime Edmondson, just hours before she threw out the first pitch at the Marlins’ game.

(Yes, we asked extra questions.)

How much does Jaime Edmondson, Playboy’s Miss January 2010, love sports and the spirit of competition?

This much: “If I wasn’t born with a vagina, it would have been my dream to be a pro athlete for one of the Miami teams,” she said from Miami yesterday.

Edmondson, a runner-up on CBS reality competition show “Amazing Race 14” in 2009 and recently eliminated on the show’s current season “Amazing Race: Unfinished Business is also a former Miami Dolphins cheerleader, a former police officer and current multimedia whiz who can be seen traveling the world, hanging out at the Bunny House and constantly Tweeting her many adventures.

And, she still gets naked occasionally: Jaime is featured in the May issue of Playboy (on newsstands and online now) in an article entitled The Amazing Racer (with a picture, natch). We got her to slow down long enough to ask her what she’s been up to recently.

Jaime and her fellow Playmate friend Lauren Anderson last night before the first pitch.

You are throwing out the first pitch for the Marlins-Pirates game in Miami (yesterday). Have you practiced enough to do a better job than that robot in Philadelphia did? The Philly fans booed it mercilessly.

“I am sooo nervous. I haven’t seen the robot – what was it, Phillybot? – throw. I think I can do better. I practiced throwing this morning with a friend. I was more worried about what shoes to wear – wedges or Converse high tops. I decided on the Converse so that I don’t fall on my face.”

Even though you aren’t cheerleading anymore, do you still follow the Dolphins, Marlins, Heat and Panthers?

“Yes! I love sports. I was just on a shoot in Argentina and the one thing that I missed most, other than my dog, was the “duh-duh-duh; duh-duh-duh” of Sportscenter. Thankfully, I can get tweets from places like BustedCoverage and ESPN and others to stay updated on everything. I was going through sports withdrawal!”

You are active in social media and have a lot of friends and followers. How do you keep track of everything with so many different roles and interests?

“It makes it easier. Sometimes you can’t call or e-mail everyone back, so texting and tweeting and Facebook-ing helps. I don’t like being ‘poked’ (on Facebook) though. ”


“No! It’s kind of creepy. I guess it’s a way to flirt”

Or more than flirt…

“I guess. Whatever. It’s always guys who are ‘poking.’ I can’t picture myself ‘poking’ anyone. No girls want to ‘poke’ guys.”

You’ve been around professional athletes, television industry people, models and cops. Which personality is the most arrogant?

“People think that athletes are arrogant, but I think that’s confidence mistaken for cockiness. You have to have confidence to play in front of 70,000 people. Police officers I have worked with have been the most arrogant of those groups. I think some of the cops I worked with became cops because they were bullied as kids. Now that they have a sense of authority they project out a little.”

Which personality, if any, is most your type?

“I am a fan of the big boys – a scruffy, long hair out the back of a helmet or cap, hair on their chest-type guys. You’ll laugh at me, but I am what you call a ‘chubby chaser’ – I love the fat boys. A guy with 8-pack abs and a shaved chest or whatever doesn’t do much for me. I like a hairy chest and a belly.”

So, you’re naked again in the new issue of Playboy. Have you gotten used to it now?

“(January 2010) was my first-ever nude modeling. When Playboy asked if I would pose, I said ‘You do know I am a redhead and 30 years old, not blond and 19, right? Every time I pose nude or semi-nude, except for the NFL jersey¬† shoot — I love football; it’s my passion, so I was focused and wasn’t concerned — I still get nervous. I look around to see if there’s anyone on set who doesn’t need to be there. I am still not a freely naked person; I don’t prance around naked.”

Has your family reacted in any negative way?

“They’re proud of me regardless of whatever I do. I did tell my dad last, though. It’s ironic, because the first issue that I was in, was the first Playboy that I had seen since I was 5 years old and he caught me looking through a box of Playboys in my uncle’s closet. I was raised in a Southern Baptist family, so this wasn’t acceptable. My dad went out to the woods and got a switch and spanked my ass with a switch for looking at them. I never looked at it again until I was in the magazine.”

You love animals. You stated you wanted to appear naked in a P.E.T.A. campaign for adopting animals. Is there any animal you won’t pose nude with?

I love all animals. I’m the person who runs up to pets and animals and never even worries if it’s safe. They could bite my face off and I’d say ‘It was my fault. Don’t hurt them! I do not like sharks, though. We had to dive in a shark tank on the ‘Amazing Race’ and I let Cara (Rosenthal, her teammate) handle that.”

Your dog has been in Playboy too, right?

“Yes! She’ll be in the June issue too. Miss Molly (her dog) is a mini-Dachshund. She’s 9 1/2 and I have had her since she was 3 months old. I am not ashamed to say I have a stroller for her. She is a staple of my tweets, too.”

You were recently featured in Trace Adkins ‘This Ain’t No Love Song music video. Is there anything left for you to do that you haven’t done yet?

“Growing up in the South, it was a dream to be in a country music video. Trace was great to work with and such a gentleman. I’d like to do more of that. More radio, too. I fill in for Andrea Lowell on Playboy Radio sometimes. I like to talk to people. I’ll never be an actress and read lines. I’d like to do more with sports.”

The May issue of Playboy is on newsstands now and available online at Additional photos are available on

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