Video: Biggest Fail In Sports Celebration History – Bus Running Over Trophy – Is Highlight Of Copa del Ray 2011!


Over the years we’ve featured all sorts of sports championship celebrations. There was Phillies fan falling off a light pole. There was Kansas chick showing her juggies to the KU boys after the 2008 basketball championship. Don’t forget this Steelers fan falling through the rear windshield of this car – it’s a classic.

Now comes a fail to end all fails in sports parade history. Say hello to the 2011 Copa del Ray championship trophy being dropped under this bus last night in Spain.

Posted: Last Night

Premise of Video: This is Sergio Ramos from Real Madrid hoisting the Copa trophy high in the air for all of Madrid to see. Um, just so you know, it was raining. Anyway, Sergio loses his grip and the beautiful trophy.

Climax of Video: :35. Down goes the trophy!

Conclusion: Tire marks, but otherwise it’s all good. Congrats to the Real boys. Enjoy that trophy.

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