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Photo: Does Brian Wilson Have Grady Sizemore Like Coffee Cup-Inspired Images In His Closet?

The jersey chasers over at have been busy the last couple of days on two message board threads in particular. Ben Roethlisberger and Brian Wilson.

In the Brian Wilson thread someone has been busy posting photos of The Machine. One photo stood out and resulted in a cable fromBC Photo Editor Big Gay Rich: “Oh, my God! You guys have to ask if there are more shots of Brian and the Machine package…;-)”

Full shot for Rich and the guys from JUMP!

Yes, before you email us and say this is old, we understand.

What Rich wants to know is if anyone out there has other shots of Wilson that might be of interest to him and the alternative lifestyle BC community. The editors, at times, allow him such requests because he pretty much works for free and we actually feel sorry for him in his quest to see athlete dong.

[Nightcapper: Grady Sizemore Nearly Naked Dong Photos Are All Yours, Internet Junkies]

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