Daily Dump: U. Of Colorado 420 Day Warnings, G4 Stoner Marathon, 20 Ugliest/Scabby Hookers Arrested In Florida, Carrie Underwood Hubby Hockey Scrap, Brooklyn Decker Nippage, Cleav Calamities, Massive Handbra & Tenn. Tooshie Tuesday


Jet Blue’s new marketing strategy – stewardess cleav!

• It’s the day of the year when we check in with our friends at CelebStoner.com to see what’s happening for 4/20. What do we find? The University of Colorado (Boulder) sent out this warning to its students hoping to celebrate a stoner holiday. “Participants in 420 should be aware that officers will be looking for intoxicated individuals (alcohol and open containers are prohibited on campus), as well as for those causing a disturbance, and citations will be issued for these offenses as well.”

• This should keep you stoners busy. It’s a 420 Twitter list. These are the accounts that the most stoners are following. Of course High Times tops the list, but Stoner Cat is close behind in 3rd place and hasn’t tweeted for nearly a year!

• And in case you plan to get stoned and sit your ass in front of a TV today, this is the day where you change the channel to G4 and hide the remote. It’ll be all 420, all day, according to the station’s special Twitter account for the festivities.

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