NHL Playoffs Fan Fights! Watch Red Wings Fan Drill Coyotes Chick With A Couple Of Lefty Windmills!


Can we all agree that NHL playoff hockey is better than NBA playoff basketball?

Beards. Blood. 4 OT thrillers. Red Wings dude swinging wildly up side the head of Coyotes chick. Blood usually gets boiling when the home team goes down 3-0 to the once-again-dominant Detroiters who are starting to gel.

Off the rink, the bad boys of hockey (Detroit fan) has gone into playoff mode and that means wild intermission brawls. VIDEO! JUMP! FISTICUFFS!

Posted: This morning

Premise of Video: (via vlogger) “After the Coyotes/Red Wings playoff game 3 ended, drunk red wings fans attacked coyotes fans, and cold cocks a female.”

Climax of Video: It gets going fast. Don’t blink.

Conclusion: You know Detroiter is sauced up when he’s dropping bombs – on a woman – amongst 1,200 Phoenix suburban dads who suddenly love hockey when the calendar strikes mid-April. Looks like everyone walked away unharmed. Not that we promote men swinging at women, but have you ever been to Detroit on a Saturday night for a Wings game. Those bitches will slice you. Meaner than most men. Maybe this dude mistakened her for his ex-wife.

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