2010 USC Song Girls Swim With Mike (Photos) & Some Really Fat Guy Looking To Eat Something

Update: The 2011 Swim With Mike is taking place today on the USC campus so please get over there and take photos for BC.

Normally we would have waited until Monday to drop these photos of yesterday’s 2010 Swim With Mike, but this is the Internet and we hate to be scooped on this exclusive.

Um, the Song Girls have rebounded from previous years of mediocrity. Our friends at BeatUSC.com actually went into enemy territory to shoot bikini photos, as you’ll see below.

This is Lane Kiffin’s first rodeo with running the team and all of the extracurricular activities that Pete Carroll made famous as recruiting tools for landing that extra five-star recruit.

Pete famously figured out that some kid from New Jersey could be swayed by some poon as long as he got to swim with that poon without facing Roethlisberger-type charges.

From all appearances, it seems yesterday’s swim was a huge success ($922k raised). The only downer was the fat guy who must be a Tennessee holdover ruined an otherwise nice full body shot of a Song Girl.

Nice tits, USC brah!

Photos after the jump. Then we’ll be heading back to our normal weekend activities. Carry on.

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