The Afternoon Dump: Hayden Panettiere On Conan, Hayden’s Biggest Gallery, Nude Allure Photoshoot, Rachel Uchitel In A Bikini, Lindsay Lohan’s Minor Cleavage, Random Tornado Appears, Rugby Is Still Stupid, & Kobe Uses Gay Slur

Whoa, Dania Ramirez has put sexy on a whole new level.

Hayden Panettiere Time!
[Salty Milk] – Hard to believe Hayden Panettiere was on ‘Remember The Titans’
[Guyism] – And Hayden Panettiere also reminds us of her cuteness
[DJ Mick] – The biggest and sexiest gallery of Miss Panettiere

Afternoon Dump
[Yes Bitch!] – The full Allure nude spread
[Yeeeah] – Is Scarlett Johansson getting fat? Quite possibly
[Moe Jackson] – Tiger’s ex, Rachel Uchitel, enjoys a new man and a bikini
[The Blemish] – Lindsay Lohan drops some minor cleavage
[Guanabee] – Shakira was robbed mid-concert
[The Daily What] – A tornado appears out of no where in the middle of a soccer game
[Totally Crap] – Luis Moreno has a ridiculous kick, don’t mess with this guy
[Sportress of Blogitude] – Bon Jovi tries to make rugby relevant
[Yardbarker] – Kobe decides to use gay slur on ref after tech

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