Bail ‘Em Out: Pittsburgh Pirates Fan Beaten By Police Bailed Out Of Jail, Still Wearing U.S.A. Coat, Says "Go Bucs" To Media!


The Pirates fan who can be seen on a YouTube video getting whacked by police officers with batons as he was being arrested at PNC Park remains enthusiastic about the team, saying “Go Bucs!” after he was released from jail Tuesday night. “I ain’t got no comment. I’d really like to go,” Ashley told waiting reporters at 9:20 p.m. “All I got to say is, ‘Go Bucs!’ Hey, did they win? I didn’t get to see the news. Did they win that night?”

Nope, the Bucs lost, 6-4, and you sir are a MLB ’11 Season of Weird Hall of Fame candidate.

[Unknown benefactor bails out Bucs fan]

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