Video: Here Is The Very, Very Drunk Cubs Chick You’ve Been Hearing About This Week


We wouldn’t go balls deep in this chick with Carlos Zambrano’s junk, but this Cubs fan is our new hero because she seems to claim that getting tickets to Cubs games is pretty easy for her because she probably blows dudes for upper deckers. Just an assumption from this interview outside Wrigley.

Season Of Weird MLB ’11 rolls on with this busted chick who’ll totally impress your ass with her drunkeness and her willingness to sleep with anything for a Cubs ticket.

Posted: April 4, 2011

Premise of Video: Man on the street interview. Drunk chick. Wrigley. Great line of questioning. “We caught up with Colleen Henneman outside Wrigley Field on Opening Day. She told Justin Kaufmann about her morning celebrating and what it means to be a Cubs fan. This interview took place on April 1, 2011”

Climax of Video: Pretty much all of it.

Conclusion: Justin probably just landed a job with that interview. He obviously has a knack for picking out the wack jobs who’ll give him like 20 one-liners. Good work, bro.

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