Video: Watch Pirates Fan Get Slammed Up Side The Melon With Night Stick, Taser & Not Go Down!


*steady clap*

When’s the last time you saw a police slamming night sticks on any Pirates fan, especially one carrying his NASCAR cooler to a baseball game?

Folks, day after day, weird shit just keeps on rolling in. 10 games into the season and even Pirates fan is turning in crazy shit. Weird ’11 rolls on via Kurt Angle (in U.S.A. wind breaker) going toe-to-toe with Steel City cops.

Posted: April 11, 2011

Premise of Video: (via vlogger) “An unruly Pirates baseball fan gets tasered beaten with a night stick and arrested at PNC Park.”

Climax of Video: Did you just see Kurt take that shot to the head and remain on his feet? Nails.

Conclusion: Haven’t seen this kinda fight out of Pittsburgh in years. Is this the summer that Pirates fan can actually go to a game in August and be entertained? Maybe, if Kurt isn’t kicked out of PNC for life.

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