Cuff 'Em: Does Steve Plummer Look Like He'd Superfly Snuka A Toddler Onto A Bed, Punch Boy In Ribs?


The toddler’s mother, Alexis Serrano, was brought in for questioning.  Serrano told investigators that her boyfriend, Steve Plummer, would often slam her son on the bed with great force while watching pro wrestling on television.  Serrano said if her son cried, Plummer would continue to slam the victim multiple times and become frustrated at the victim’s perceived weakness. Serrano says she witnessed Plummer punch her son in the rib area and that afterward, she observed redness in that area.  Serrano also witnessed Plummer throw a basketball at the toddler’s stomach that “would have stung” if it hit an adult.

[Couple arrested after investigation finds toddler with fractured ribs]

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