Busted Coverage Tech Gear Dorkfest: Grilling & Watching MLB Games At Same Time Now So Much Easier!


Welcome to a new feature at Busted Coverage – BC’s Tech Gear Dorkfest!

This will be your home to cool new gear to pimp out your iPhone, iPad, Apple this, Apple that, electronic this and electronic that. There will be everything from televisions, alarm clocks, video games, power strips, etc. You’ll get honest reviews of the coolest shit hitting the market and we won’t get all dorky like the pimple poppers at Gizmodo.

BC is lucky enough to have been hand-picked by P.R. agencies to give you an honest, man-pinion on the following item.

Today’s Dorkfest Gear:

What? Handstand for iPad

What the hell is it? The HandStand is a rotating disk that allows the user to spin the iPad 360 degrees to effortlessly swivel from landscape to portrait. That’s what the PR release says. Here is a product review in layman terms. Do you play PikPok Field Goal on your iPad and constantly have trouble figuring out how to hold the damn screen? We did and then HandStand solved our issues.

Yeah, but do I really need it? If holding your iPad has become a huge issue, yes. HandStand claims to fit all hands, so don’t be shy about sliding your bloated palms into place.

Will chicks dig it? When they figure out that you use your iPad on the toilet and can wipe at the same time, they’ll be impressed by your multi-tasking abilities. Also, wait until she sees you watching MLB while grilling with your free hand. She’ll be on the phone to her mom in swoon over how you use your time wisely and would make the perfect father.

Is it easy to use? As long as you can figure out where your hand goes under the strap, you should be cool.

Conclusion: The possibilities are endless. Want to drive, talk on a cellphone and watch Office downloads at the same time? Get HandStand.

For more information on the HandStand or to buy this great iPad case, visit www.handstand.com. $49.95.

I started Busted in 2007, sold it in 2011 and Coed kept me around to run this operation. Based in Ohio. Contact me: @bustedcoverage
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