Yes, There Is Now Slow-Mo Video Of The Homo Cleveland Indians Fans Kissing


This one goes out to old friend of BC, 6 Foot 7, who is about as crazed as a Cleveland fan can get. Loyal to the core. We even texted him the other night to offer a spot on the Cincinnati Reds bandwagon and he proceeded to spew some text profanity.

Since he’s a huge Indians fan we figured 6-7 would want to see the video of the two Indians fans sharing some love from the other night. We’ve seen crazy shit during ‘sideline reporter in the stands’ segments and then we just saw two guys kissing at Jacobs Field.

Posted: yesterday

Premise of Video: Two dudes kissing during a baseball broadcast. More day games, Cleveland, when the homos might be working at Brookstone?

Climax of Video: Just for 6-Foot-7…slow-mo video of the kiss.

Conclusion: 2011 is when shit got really weird for baseball. Two weeks in and our cup runneth over with shit to show you guys. This is heavenly, minus dudes kissing. Can we get a flasher? Please. Even this shit out a bit.

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