Video: Crazy Bastards At Mexico Vs. Venezuela Soccer Match Trying To Break Plastic Beer Bottles Over Heads In Massive Brawl!


This fight video from the Mexico-Venezuela friendly last week in San Diego probably wouldn’t be BC worthy but then the editors zoomed in on a single bright spot in a rather ordinary brawl.

Did that Mexican just try to break a plastic stadium beer bottle over that guy’s head?

Sure looks like it.

Posted: April 4, 2011

Premise of Video: Just your ordinary upper deck greasy Mexican fan brawl, but with a twist. Fists go flying, bodies roll down rows of seats and a beer bottle gets wasted over a dude’s neck. Good fight, though. Looks like quite a few bombs made solid contact.

Climax of Video: Focus on the :10 mark. Mexican guy lines up his shot. BOOM! Bottle goes flying.

Conclusion: Hey, dumb fuck, it’s plastic. You put a lawn mower in his hands and he’s an artist. Put a beer bottle in his hand and he’s Polish.

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