Video: Is That Phillies Fan Getting A BJ In Stands During Live TV Broadcast?

There have been rumblings already this year whether Dodgers fan could be close to stealing the thunder of Phillies fan with an early near-death beating. Philly fans have always been more about the unusual, rather than deadly beatings.

Yes, there have been epic upper deck wars with Mets fans. We’ve documented them here at BC.

But what about getting a BJ on TV during a live Comcast broadcast. Suck it, Dodgers fan.

Posted: April 3, 2010 (192 views as of this posting)

Premise of Video: We believe this is during Sunday’s game against the Astros. We’re not sure what she’s doing down there but there has to be a fratty challenge at one of these universities that rewards bros for getting a BJ during a Comcast broadcast. Maybe she dropped a fry in his lap?

Climax of Video: Dude does the whole two hands around her head routine which we all know comes into play during nights on the couch when American Idol gets boring.

Conclusion: Once again Phillies fan steps up his game with what looks like an in-game BJ. Time to update our legendary Great Moments In Stadium Sex post.