Yankees Fan Interview Bomb Of Ken Rosenthal Includes LOL Inducing Lick On That Stick

By the bottom of the 6th during Saturday’s Yankees-Tigers game Ken Rosenthal was looking for stories to make Joe Buck cream his pants. It was a 10-3 game so bow-tie wearing Rosenthal found himself a dude sitting next to the Yankees dugout who just popped the question to his girlfriend.

He also was about become an entrant for “Interview Bomb Of 2011,” thanks to the dude working a snack with his tongue.

Posted: April 2, 2011

Premise of Video: Pretty much covered this already. Joe Buck…creaming his pants…Ken Rosenthal….bow tie…Yankees….Week One of baseball season….weak interview ideas…dorky dugout reporters….

Climax of Video: Joe Buck nearly faints.

Conclusion: Week One….Ken Rosenthal….Stupid interview ideas…Yankees….Saturday baseball… If it weren’t for some dude licking a snack behind Rosenthal we would have barely noticed that the Yankees destroyed Detroit.