Morning Twitpic-age: Tim Tebow Shirtless & Working Out With Ohio High School Receiver During Vacation In Bahamas


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Not sure who the new friend is, but we know that Tebow is on vacation in the Bahamas thanks to this Ohio kid who’s on vacation and happened to turn in a shirtless pic with one of his idols.

Meanwhile, grandmas ass makes a cameo.

Of course we expect Tebow will be following @BustedCoverage after this challenge issued during the week.

On vacation with the family so I won’t be on here too often this week but I will follow the first person to guess where I am… Good luck!

Oh, sure, some Florida loser with time on his/her hands probably just guessed Bahamas out of the blue, but couldn’t prove it. Our crack researchers went out and put the pieces of this story together.

Who’s the high school kid? That’s PickNorth7, some kid who plays football for Pickerington H.S. in Columbus, Ohio who just happened to be at the same hotel in the Bahamas with legend.

just got done learning new drills with Tim Tebow #TooLegit

This Tebow kid just might make it in the NFL. Even working out while locked out in the Bahamas.


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