The Afternoon Dump: Britney Spears On Jackass, Hot Baseball Girls, Anorexic Candice Swanepoel, Bikini Hotties From Brazil, Erin Heatherton Gallery, GoDaddy CEO Goes Elephant Hunting, & Derrick Rose Hurts The Bulls

I may have just fallen in love with Jennie June!

[The Smoking Jacket] – Britney Spears was on Jackass 3D, this is effing hilarious
[Gunaxin] – Sexy Gorgeous baseball girls
[Don Chavez] – Jaime Chung sexy photoshoot
[StraitPinkie] – Brittany from Winchester is a hottie
[Yeeeah] – Has Candice Swanepoel gone anorexic?
[Linkiest] – Brazilian bikini babes are fun to watch
[unathletic] – I could post a gallery of Erin Heatherton every day and be okay with it
[F-Listed] – Sexy Elizabeth Christine
[Totally Crap] – It would suck to have sandstorms especially like this
[The Daily What] – Go Daddy CEO hunts elephants, yeah that’s right, elephants
[The Hoop Doctors] – Does Derrick Rose shoot too much for the Bulls to win a title?
[Yardbarker] – Can Matt Howard make it in the NBA?

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