Opening Day Chicks: One Tree Hill’s Jena Sims Once Fired From Baseball Bat Girl Gig Because Her Legs Were A ‘Distraction’


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*Jena Sims – Former Georgia Teen USA – Up-and-Coming Actress – Former Baseball Bat Girl

We happened upon Ms. Sims during a Model Mayhem ‘baseball’ search since today is MLB Opening Day. What struck us was this line from her bio: “Her legs is the reason she was fired from being a baseball bat girl because of them being a “Distraction”, however they have landed her many modeling jobs over the past 10 years.”

Bingo. She’s hot, has a lovely chest, has appeared in some shows you love (Entourage, One Tree Hill, Dexter) seems to be into sports and has a baseball angle. Instant Opening Day Chick post! Enjoy.


[Jena Sims – IMDB]

Click Here For The Full, Fun BC Gallery Of The Former Baseball Bat Girl Jena Sims

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