Morning Twitpic-age: Poker Super WAG Jessa Lynn Hinton Spent Last Night Dropping New Cleav Shots, Tweeting About Katy Perry’s Morning Face


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We continue to be smitten by this Jessa Lynn Hinton chick and her Twitter presence.

It’s rare to find a chick who can – at the same time – be a super poker WAG, Playboy model (coming soon – stay tuned), mother and manage 9k Twitter followers who are 90% men and want to see her naked.

Last night Jessa (we think it used to be Jessica) started dropping new cleav shots and philosophizing about Katy Perry’s face.

I’m in looooove w/ katy perry and admire that girls post pics with no makeup but that is nutzzzzzz

Yes, it is nutzzzzzzzz.

But forget about Katy Perry’s face. We’re here this morning to talk Ms. Hinton and those chest monster, easily a Best Rack of ’11 contender. Fake? Sure, but it’s not like your no-poon-getting-ass should be picky at this point in life.

Just sit back and admire. Oh, and think how life would be different if you were a poker pro like Ms. Hinton’s significant other Dan Bilzerian. Dude makes more cash in a hand of Omaha than you make in 3 months of working that shitty management job you cherish so much.


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