Video: Mexico Vs. Venezuela Post-Soccer Match Fan Fight Includes A Solid Ass Kicking In Full Mount Position


So Mexico faced Venezuela in a friendly last night in San Diego.

Ho hum.

The teams tied 1-1 and fans went home a little on the angry side since 1-1 soccer really doesn’t decide dick. Why can’t there be a shootout in a friendly. One of you futbol dorks out there needs to tell us why the two teams can’t just decide to settle it by firing shots at the goalies.

Anyway, the fans were drunk and pissed off after the match. Here we have a solid parking lot ass kicking that was just uploaded to YouTube.

Posted: Fresher than carnitas off a Chipotle grill

Premise of Video: We’ve covered that already. Do note that the vlogger reports: “Drunk guy getting his ass kicked. Girl beating wife up. Haha”

Climax of Video: Look at that full mount form. Somebody’s going to have a headache this morning.

Conclusion: 1-1 tie but Busted Coverage is the real winner here because we get a fight video out of this match.

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