Morning Twitpic-age: In Which We Apologize To Houston’s 610 A.M./CBS Looker Anna-Megan Raley & Post Her Shocker Photo


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Yesterday we mentioned the Houston Media Hotties Tournament that is down to the Elite Eight and then posted a photo of a lovely woman. Of course we got the name-photo combo wrong and Anna-Megan Raley sorta took us to task.

That’s not me in the pic. It’s the other girl, but she’s smokin’ hot!


Noted. Noted.

Of course we apologized, not via an email full of “want us to make it up over drinks & more drinks on our next visit to Houston” fluff, but via the modern day telegraph, Twitter.

Anna understood the issue. We cleared the air and there was even a mention of hooking up on Facebook.

Ms. Raley also told us she was responsible for compiling the Hotties photos which about made us weep. That’s a job usually reserved for idiots like us.

Anyway, we wanted to make it up to our new friend by posting a few of her best Twitpics including posing with Dan Pastorini and Jose/Ozzie Canseco.

Oh, and don’t forget to follow Anna-Megan’s Twitter account for some insider news/notes from the Houston sports scene. Did we mention she’s adorable & into sports? React accordingly.


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