Daily Dump: Valet Guy Hitting On Erin Andrews?, Final Four Facial, BK Bikini Brawler Talking Sh!t, SFW College Chicks Of ’11, Colt McCoy & His Snake, Phillies Fan Trashed, Gus Hansen Tennis WAG & Brooklyn Decker Bikini Change!

Jessica Wright sideboob. She’s the U.K. version of JWoww crossed with Audrina.

• So LeBron wouldn’t come out for introductions last night. Don’t blame him a bit. Why give Cleveland fans gratification after spending $600 per to be close enough to scream “Your mom is riding West.”

• A valet guy just might get a date out of Erin Andrews if he gets a look at what she wrote on Twitter.

• The NY Daily News put together some hard-hitting Internet journalism this week, compiling the WAGs Of The Yankees photo dump. It’s very Bleacher Report-esque where you have to click through 45 photos. But what the fuck is going on with photo 19? How did Adriana Lima make it into such a dump? Somebody deserves to be fired. Idiots.

• Who’s up for a Final Four facial? Is there anything a university won’t slap its logo on? At first we thought this was some sort of campus Dare Dorm link and then realized Darren Rovell was re-tweeting an image of a Houston hotel offering Final Four inspired spa treatments. “Um, do you have anything for assholes like John Calipari?”

• Oh, shit! The BK Bikini Brawler continues to talk shit to cops and says they’ll have to drag their honky asses up to Alabama to arrest her. Balls. That woman has some big balls – and a busted grill.

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