Nightcapper: Ever Wondered What It Feels Like To Be An Unemployed Baseball Player Just Days Before Opening Day? Let BC Friend Scot Drucker Tell You


Yes, you guys pretty much only have poon on the brain. How about a story about one Busted Coverage reader tonight?

Just this one night? Cool?

On 11-1-10 we received the following email.

hi love the site and a huge fan, Im currently playing down in the dominican and wanted to share a video of these cheereleaders down here…mlb defiantly needs more of this

Then we opened a YouTube video shot by minor league pitcher Scot Drucker of Dominican Winter League dancers bouncing their asses like a BET video on top of the dugouts.

It was posted on BC the same day and to date that video has racked up 130,000+ views.

We would keep in touch over the winter and find that Scot had moved to Mexico for some more playing time and ultimately ended up signing a free agent contract with the Detroit Tigers with aspirations of landing back with the Toledo Mud Hens, the team he had played for over the past two summers.

Last week he was called into Tigers’ Minor League Field Coordinator Mike Rojas’ office.

It was over. Unemployed.

In the office I was confronted by Mike Rojas, Kevin Bradshaw, Dan Lunetta, and Avi Bechlar. They kept it short and brief and said it was a numbers game and this year I didn’t have a spot. Dan said some nice remarks about my time with the organization and I thanked each of them personally for the opportunity within the organization.

Packing your bags in front of everyone is not a pleasant sight. Everyone feels awkward coming up to you apologizing or wishing you the best. You are speechless and don’t know what to really say back.

A couple of nights ago we traded tweets with Scot and obviously wished him well, but also learned some nuggets about life in the minor leagues.

You think those guys playing AAA ball are making jack? Think again. Here are the financials for playing minor league baseball as a free agent, not backed by a 40-man roster contract, according to Scot.

A $1050 AA 1500 AAA 2200

“A week?”, we countered.

Seconds later we get this.

HAHAHAHA per month before taxes, we gotta pay living and clubhouse dues $8-$13 per day dependent on the level of ball


So this week when minor leaguers take the field and you decide to get drunk at a ballpark, make sure you think before spouting off about being some over-paid piece of shit.

Of course, if you happen to hit the Yankees-Tigers opener, feel free to act like a moron. When someone makes more per crotch/nut rub than a minor leaguer does in a month and goes 0-fer, you have every right to spew hate.

And if you know any team out there who needs a solid right-hander (40-22 career record) tell them Scot isn’t too far from his Twitter account @Utbaseball30 and is ready to roll.

Have a photo, story, link, etc. that we need to see and post? You know the drill. Email us.

I started Busted in 2007, sold it in 2011 and Coed kept me around to run this operation. Based in Ohio. Contact me: @bustedcoverage
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