Daily Dump: Team U.S.A. Soccer Fag Wearing An Expos Cap, Beadle To Party W/Cohn, Hangover 2 Movie Poster, UConn Cheerleader W/Tramp Stamp, Brooklyn Decker Hair Hits Beach, Hudgens Lakers Belly & Hot Chicks Eating Corn Dogs!


Karen Carreno contemplating how it’s possible for VCU to be playing Butler.

• Did you happen to catch the hipster Team U.S.A. fan at the Argentina match wearing an Expos cap? Nice one, asshole. See, this is why we want to Whiffleball Bat fight these soccer dorks. • One of the guys with a perfect Final Four really doesn’t know jackshit about basketball and even told Jay Crawford, yesterday, that his knowledge of the sport (on scale of 1-10) is a 2. • Michelle Beadle and Linda Cohn will be having a Ladies Night Out® at an upcoming WWE stop in Bridgeport. We get the impression that Cohn is straight up balls to the walls when the cameras aren’t rolling. We picture shots, lots of leaning on dudes and skirts. • And finally this morning, here is your Hangover 2 movie poster. Have a Daily Dump-Worthy Link For Us? mail@bustedcoverage.com [Frathouse] – Final Four Cheerleaders: Ashley has a tramp stamp & cheers for UConn! [CagePotato] – You have to see the thighs/giant ass on this UFC reporter chick [Puck Daddy] – Atlanta Thrashers fan really wants a pic of that puck girls’ ass [Egotastic] – Brooklyn Decker takes her new haircut to the beach to unleash this bikini [Moe Jackson] – Vanessa Hudgens was showing belly Sunday night at the Lakers game [BoobieBlog] – Obnoxious NSFW Rack Of The Day Belongs To Karina Hart [Attugirls] – Hottest NSFW Hammock/Boobie Spread of the Day [CelebSlam] – Holy fuck! Pregger Mariah Carey about to bust at the seams [Coed] – Hot Chicks Eating Corn Dogs! 70 Photos! [Funtasticus] – Shit that didn’t happen to you over the weekend – Triple Handbra! [DJ Mick] – For you Asian fans – Miss Bangkok 2011 competition [BroBible] – Get some, you little asshole! Kid sucker punches a futbol opponent. [FOTP] – Alabama & Auburn even throwing their logos on chicken at grocery!

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