Video: Argentina Vs. USA Soccer Match Fan Fight!


Yes, there were fisticuffs over the weekend during Team U.S.A. vs. Argentina that ended in a draw. Of course we could totally care less about a friendly in March unless a fight breaks out.

If U.S. soccer has any chance of gaining a following with the meathead population there needs to be more violence. Not head hunting like the NHL, but at least a few more brawls in the stands.

And cheerleaders.

Posted: March 27, 2011

Premise of Video: (via vlogger) “Argentinian fans punches drunk USA fan and fight breaks out.”

Climax of Video: Yes, that sure looks like a full beer thrown in that guy’s face. Not much close-up action, but we assume that’ll change as guys start uploading video this Monday morning.

Conclusion: This makes U.S. soccer relevant because nothing gets our attention like a fan fight, which there has been a huge lack of in the NBA and NHL in 2011.

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