Video: Um, This Whiffle Ball Bat Fight Club War Officially Puts Beer Pong On Notice!


*Rubbing our hands together like an evil scientist*

Oh, how we love the ingenuity of American bar owners. Just when things start to get stale and the cornhole/washers/billiards/darts/etc. has worn out its welcome some mad genius goes and invents Whiffle Ball Bat Fight Club.

Tired of just sitting around a table with your boys and watching some shitty NHL game on Vs.?

Listen up, fellas, you need to get your asses out to San Diego to visit Pacific Beach Bar & Grill on a Friday for X-treme Fight Night. This morning we happened upon this YouTube video of Whiffle Ball Bat Fight Night and chins hit the glass of our Ikea workstation.

See why, JUMP!

Posted: March 22, 2011

Premise of Video: So it’s like a boxing match but the combatants wear football helmets, can’t clutch, can’t go ground and pound, can’t choke out an opponent with a bat to the throat, etc. It’s straight swing, swing and swing more until one warrior drops his bat. Oh, and if you drop your bat, you get flogged.

Climax of Video: 1:40 into the war and Willie Stargell lands a couple of three-run dongs to his opponent and finishes him off with a bases load, extra innings, Game 7 of the World Series bomb that nearly drops Chipper Jones to his knees.

Conclusion: Um, of course we’ll be emailing PB Bar to set up flights, hotel and shuttle arrangements for our visit. We must see this with our own eyes. And hear the Joe Rogan-esque ring announcer do his rap. So American! And in San Diego! Who would have known!

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