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The Afternoon Dump: New Megan Fox Video, Hottest Mets’ Babe, Sexy Girls on Spring Break, PIMP Charlie Sheen, Lost & Found Bomb, Emails Always Lie, Ochocinco In MLS, & Remote Control Cloud

Alessandra Ambrosio will stab you with that knife, is it worth it for a night?

[The Smoking Jacket] – The lovely Kia Drayton
[Popoholic] – Megan Fox’s new Armani underwear video is awesome
[Barstool Sports] – The best thing to happen to the Mets
[Linkiest] – Hot girls on Spring Break
[BroSome] – Adriana Lima still looking drop dead sexy
[HQ-Celebrity] – Julianne Hough makes shopping sexy
[Yeeeah] – Charlie Sheen has is a P.I.M.P.
[The Daily What] – Putting a bomb in the lost & found is not okay
[Cool Material] – If automated emails actually told the truth
[Totally Crap] – Exercise ball and a shed creates a bloody mess
[unathletic] – Ochocinco’s MLS tryouts begin
[Off The Bench] – They are making a remote control cloud, that is insane

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