Daily Dump: Brooklyn Decker’s Foxy Lady Crush, Cartman Shitting On His Mom, Landry Jones’ GF, Pole Dancing For Jesus, Butterface At Beach, Molly Sims & Her Tight Pants, Hillary Fisher & Kayla Marie Is Community College Chick Of The Day!

Who wants to see Kayden Kross model a Tap Out shirt outside a peep booth?

• Spent last night watching “South Park’s Greatest Hits,” on Comedy Central and forgot how genius the World of Warcraft episode was. A pimpled, bloated Cartman calling his mom for a shit bucket (and then blasting a giant load of shit) is pure comedy gold that could never be matched in cartoon form.

• Here is said video of Cartman shitting on his mom during a World of Warcraft marathon.

• Speaking of shit, this might be the craziest shit we’ve seen this morning. Those crazy bastards in Qatar are looking for a way to keep players cool during the 2022 World Cup so they are developing an artificial cloud. A remote controlled cloud would be positioned over the field and provide shade from the sun. But yet we cannot invent a way to get the Pittsburgh Pirates into the playoffs? C’mon, scientists. Get your asses in gear.

• Something for the panty fans out there. Victoria’s Secret has unveiled its MLB undie line and we wait patiently for new Kate Upton where her ass reads “Meet Me In The Dugout.”

• Guess who Brooklyn Decker has “a lady crush” on? It’s a sideline reporter. Wonder if she has watched the peephole videos?

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