2011 Spring Break Fights: Who Wants To Bet This Overhand Right Ends In One-Punch KO?


The other headline was, “Count The MLB Baseball Caps Worn At This Spring Break Fight.”

Why is it that NFL caps aren’t popular? If there is one thing baseball excels at, it’s the baseball cap market. You rarely see a guy wearing a New Orleans Saints hat at a Spring Break Brawl®.

Back in the day when Starter caps were the rage things started to change for the NFL, but just from our resent research, MLB caps are the hat of choice for punch throwers.

Posted: March 22, 2011

Premise of Video: (via the highly educated vlogger) “South Padre Spring Break fight on beach dude gets knocked out”

Climax of Video: One guy who was running his mouth flexes his beer muscles and plows ahead into a giant pile of bros to unleash an overhand right. BAM! Down goes shirtless bro. KO. Arm over face to say, “Uncle.”

Conclusion: Toronto Blue Jays and Washington Nationals caps in that brawl reminds us when both teams were Canadian and the Expos could have won a World Series with Pedro. Ahh, the memories.

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