NFL Lockout Time Wasters: Jaime Edmondson Served As Personal Caddy To This Dorky Kicker At Playboy Golf


Like we said, the photos of NFLers at the Playboy Golf extravaganza keep rolling in and it just won’t stop.

Now comes word from Brad in Worchester that there was a certain dorky, red head NFL kicker who somehow was allowed into the Playboy Mansion and had Jaime Edmondson as his personal caddy.

Folks, this is some serious bullshit. A kicker? What’s up with that, Edmondson?


Would someone please tell us how Shayne Graham gets an invite to Playboy Golf?

Did he pay his own way? Was he riding Wes Welker’s coattail?

Is that a guy who just looks like Shayne Graham but is really some dude from Silicon Valley who shoots porn flicks during the week?

Would one of you, if they exist, please send us the pics of Graham snorting bath salts off the Grotto floor to:

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