Daily Dump: Kevin McHale "Taking Loads To The Chest", Brooklyn Decker’s New Hair, UCSB Undie Run, Miami Heat Dancer Next Erin Pageviews?, JT Bowtie Is Back!, Charlie Sheen’s Daughter, Jenn Sterger Cleav is Back & Kandi Kay’s British D-Cups!


Natalie Suliman’s bracket is busted so she spent the weekend dropping new swimsuit pics!

• Kevin McHale had quite a night behind the mic. Here he is getting all homoerotic during the Lakers-Suns game talking about “taking a load” in the chest. You know straight guys, they pick up on such stupid bullshit and run with it.

• Not digging the new Brooklyn Decker hair. Looks like an early 90s Meg Ryan and we never heard from Meg again after that hair cut. It’s a sad day for hair bra enthusiasts.

• We’re reading that the Butler Bulldog will not be making the Sweet 16 trip to New Orleans and, of course, people are freaking out. There are at least 50 Google News stories about the bulldog’s diss. People, seriously, like it really fucking matters. The dog would much rather be licking his balls at home on his doggy bed.

• Here is Terrelle Pryor getting all philosophical on Twitter again, dropping some very deep thoughts.

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Today’s Dump:

[Campus Socialite] – In case you missed all the poon at the 2011 UCSB Undie Run

[Coed] – Say hello to Miami Heat dancer Ashley who hopes to become a sideline reporter

[FOTP] – Yes! ‘Bama fan JT Bowtie is back and a bigger fag than ever

[MoeJackson] – Holy fuck! This is one of Charlie Sheen’s daughters!

[Popoholic] – Oh, where have you been…Jenn Sterger new cleav shots

[BoobieBlog] – You’re probably going to enjoy this weatherman & the digital boobs

[Uncoached] – Kandi Kay sports d-cups and a British accent

[Beer Goggler] – Alessandra Ambrosio could model adult diapers & your ass would be looking

[Dirty Rotten] – This NSFW boob gallery should keep you guys company while at work

[Guyism] – WWE ramping up the sleaze with a Trish Stratus thong/pants malfunction

[Barstool NYC] – Mike Tyson joining a police force? Sure looks that way.

[SB Nation] – Tommy Hilfiger redesigns Lakers, Yankees, Cowboys jerseys for ESPN!

[Hockey Hot Chicks] – How Carrie Underwood has ruined Mike Fisher’s career – with stats!

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