Daily Dump: Tom Brady Unloads NYC Condo & Makes $!, State With Highest Bath Salt Use Is…?, Tiger GF DUI Mugshot, Tracy Burgess Pole Dancing, Alpaca Gets Piece Of Ass, Leanne Crow’s Balloons, Stephanie Seymour NSFW & Eva Longoria Cleav!

It looks like today will be Jason Kidd baby mama Hope Dworaczyk Day!

• Tom Brady has sold this $18 million NYC condo to a coffee exec. Dude purchased it for $14 million in ’06 and made money in a down economy, proving yet again that the guy is a complete genius. Suck it, black quarterbacks.

• Oh, shit! MTV2 has stepped up and has a major announcement concerning the Lingerie Football League, according to Darren Rovell.

• The Knicks are 5-8 in March. So all those blowjobs coming from ESPN idiots such as Cowherd should be rescinded. No?

• Think about this for a minute. Oliver Perez signed a $36 million contract with the Mets in 2009. He won a total of 3 games. His career is probably over, but he will get a $12 million parting gift.

• Guess which state has the highest use of bath salts? Of course, West Virginia!

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Today’s Dump:

[CelebSlam] – Tiger Woods’ new girlfriend DUI mugshot in case you wanted to take a look

[Bob’s Blitz] – Tracy Burgess from the Boomer (Esiason) & Carton Show working a stripper pole

[Off The Bench] – Here is what the NBC Madness Pool leader’s bracket looks like – AMAZING!

[Totally Crap] – Blow off work by watching this alpaca getting a piece of ass.

[Don Chavez] – Bikini ass of the day belongs to Italian smokeshow Elena Santarelli. Enjoy!

[Boobie Blog] – Leanne Crow’s NSFW balloons would have come in handy in Japan

[The Nip Slip] – Stephanie Seymour sunning those giant NSFW celeb cans

[Coed] – Calling bullshit on this bikini model…she’s 19 & has her Bachelor’s degree? Whatever.

[Guyism] – Carolina Cruz in best spraypaint-bikini shoot you’ll see all day

[Popoholic] – Eva Longoria’s cleavage is on a huge roll after divorcing Tony Parker

[BroBible] – 50 Hottest Kelly Brook photos for those who like lists, boobs

[Uncoached] – A photo that proves the KKK isn’t nearly as strong as back in the 40s

[Buzzing The Net] – How To Grow/Dye Hockey Playoff Hair (with pics)! Good stuff.