Daily Dump: Rachel Uchitel Rebounds From Tiger With Former Penn State Footballer, Playboy Golf Shenanigans, Tiger’s New Tail, Bar Refaeli Vs. This Shirt, Full Moon Fever, Vergara Smuggling Basketballs & Danica Patrick Cursing Like A Sailor!


Hilary Fisher actually had Arizona & Marquette in her Sweet 16,

• Yes, there is new Tiger Woods’ girlfriend news and Rachel Uchitel is also moving on. She is now dating a 26-year-old insurance underwriter who used to play football for Penn State. Matt Hahn is the lucky guy to get Tiger’s sloppy seconds.

• Our NCAA tourney pick, Kansas, is still alive which is a huge accomplishment when you take into consideration how Pitt’s weekend went. And how great is it that VCU’s 18-year-old head coach makes it to the Sweet 16 after ESPN went Japanese tsunami on his team after Selection Sunday.

• Guess who wants the owners & players to get back to the negotiating table? Cromartie! Dude has taken to Twitter to show his displeasure with negotiations. Figures, since dude has like 38 kids to pay child support.

• Our old friend Matt Youmans at the Las Vegas Review-Journal breaks down the NCAA gambling action in Sin City and touches on the bad beat of the weekend coming from Temple-SDSU.

• Erin Andrews going pouty lips with a golden retriever over the weekend.

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Today’s Dump:

[KegDept] – This is what Playboy Golf looked like last week…athletes gettin’ dirty with the ladies

[BoobieBlog] – And here are the videos from Playboy Golf (as always, NSFW ads)

[BroBible] – Is this Tiger Woods’ new piece of tail?

[Guyism] – Bar Refaeli vs. this button-up shirt: must-see!

[Coed] – Chicks Who Have Full Moon Fever…a gallery!

[Uncoached] – Mix Cuban & Spanish blood and you get Elizabeth Christine

[Beer Goggler] – New Stephanie Seymour bikini action

[CelebSlam] – Brilliant headline of the day: “Sofia Vergara smuggling basketballs”

[Barstool] – Watch, listen to this little boy cry like a bitch when hockey glass rains down on his head

[Awful Announcing] – Greg Gumbel flub of the weekend; this isn’t ESPN, you curly haired oaf

[Who Ate All The Pies] – Wait until you see this floating soccer field – Amazing!

[Larry Brown] – Here is Danica Patrick cursing like a sailor over the weekend

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