Busted Coverage Tech Gear Dorkfest! Elgato EyeTV HD – Imagine Watching March Madness While On The Toilet!


Welcome to a new feature at Busted Coverage – BC’s Tech Gear Dorkfest!

This will be your home to cool new gear to pimp out your iPhone, iPad, Apple this, Apple that, electronic this and electronic that. There will be everything from televisions, alarm clocks, video games, power strips, etc. You’ll get honest reviews of the coolest shit hitting the market and we won’t get all dorky like the pimple poppers at Gizmodo.

BC is lucky enough to have been hand-picked by P.R. agencies to give you an honest, man-pinion on the following item.

Today’s Dorkfest Gear:

What? Elegato EyeTV HD

What the hell is it? EyeTV is a little box that looks like an Apple TV box but isn’t. The EyeTV connects your cable/satellite box to a compatible Apple (Macintosh 2.26 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor or better). This thing acts as a DVR recorder for your laptop. Let us put this into plain English: You’ll be able to record all sorts of shit on your Mac and watch it at your leisure. Want to record some Penthouse Channel and watch it on the plane from Boston to L.A.? Fine.

Yeah, but do I really need it? Did we mention you can download an iPad app that controls your EyeTV unit remotely? That means you can take your iPad to the toilet, watch live TV and even change channels! It’s BC tested. We confirm this works. Imagine the excitement of being able to drop a deuce and switch between Big Dance games. It’s heavenly. And in HD!

Will chicks dig it? Probably not, but be smart and download several episodes of Real Housewives so you have ammunition on a flight where a hot chick is sitting next to you. She’ll think you are metrosexual, slightly wealthy and hip. At the very least she’ll drop her Twitter handle on your lap.

Is it easy to use? Um, if you can wire a HD box and a TV, you are good to go. Took us about 15 minutes to understand the directions and execute. Only issue out of the box was the length of the USB cable that connects the EyeTV to your laptop or desktop. Elgato could man up and include a little more cord.

Conclusion: EyeTV is pretty pricey at $169, but this is big boy technology. How much do you value watching Chuck Barkley while on the john? What about building your own library of Alaska State Troopers? The possibilities are endless. Buy it!

For more information on the Elgato: EyeTV HD, visit www.Elgato.com or trek to your local Apple store.

[Elgato EyeTV HD DVR for HD cable and satellite TV – Amazon]

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