2011 Spring Break Fights: How To Properly KO A Punk At South Padre Island While Wearing Ensemble Of Stupid Beach Gear

This video made its way into our lives over the weekend while BC was busy enjoying sun, 50-degrees and college basketball instead of mid-80s, booze and beach in South Padre.

It has been a slow year in the Spring Break Fight® department. Until now.

Here we go, fight fans. Two dudes knocked out and getting their heads kicked by a bunch of community college punks from Houston.


Posted: Yesterday

Premise of Video: (via vlogger) Fight out front after Coca-cola beach at the Isla Grand Hotel (at South Padre).

Climax of Action: Thanks to great editing, you won’t waste most of your morning getting to the good stuff. We see white boy getting his blood hose opened up just seconds after hitting play.

Conclusion: These two will have a great story to tell the chicks at the keggers back in Tulsa, minus the part where they are both KO’ed and getting their heads kicked by greasy Mexicans.