Cuff ‘Em: Here Is Carrie Shafer (Photos)…The KY Anatomy Teacher Arrested For Getting A Student Half Naked


Well, well, well. What do we have here?

A du Pont Manual biology teacher has resigned after being charged Friday with unlawful transaction with a minor for allegedly providing beer to a 17-year-old male with whom she was found in a parked car.

Carrie M. Shafer, 38, of Ashburton Drive, was cited Friday evening after an officer reported finding her and the boy partially unclothed in a car at the canoe launch at William F. Miles Park in southeast Jefferson County.

The police report said there was evidence of contraceptive and alcohol use.

The unidentified minor told police Shafer gave him beer, according to the report.

Ms. Shafer is identified in a school produced video as an anatomy teacher so maybe the student was trying to improve his grade. Why do the police always have to jump to conclusions.

Adding insult to injury, police also charged Shafer with illegally parking in a handicap zone. That sucks.

Of course the comment section of the Louisville Courier-Journal is going balls to the walls over this story. Nothing gets Kentuckians fired up like a hot, blond teacher getting a student naked. The Bible thumpers are battling the guys who are like us and see no room in prisons for woman caught getting dirty with dude’s who have beards at 17 and sound like Barry White when they speak.

As dirty as Ms. Shafer seems, there has to be bikini action floating around out there. Email us. Make us proud.

[Teacher Carrie Shafer resigns after being found with 17-year-old male in a parked car]

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