Captain Morgan Bracketmaster Challenge: Today Is It…One Final Push To Get Busted Coverage To Vegas To Party With Morganette Rachel


We remember this time last year very well.

BC was contacted by an old Internet friend to take part in a March Madness contest where we were partnered with a team from the Big Dance. If that team advanced to the Final Four, we would win a trip to Vegas for the Final Four where we’d get drunk, make stupid parlay bets and kill our livers.

Of course we pulled a few strings through our connection and ended up with #1 seed Syracuse. Seemed like an obvious choice to make it to Indy, especially with pre-2010 scrubs like Butler, Xavier & Kansas St. still left in the bracket. Then it happened – the ‘Cuse got drilled by the Bulldogs. Our dreams of making it rain $1 BJ coins at Sahara was ruined.

That brings us to this year. 2011. March Madness. On the brink.

Our friends at Captain Morgan approached us via email back in January about a contest – Captain Morgan’s Bracketmaster Challenge – where bloggers would be paired with a Morganette for a 32-team bracket. If your Morganette makes it to the Elite 8, the blogger is sent – along with his Morganette – to Vegas for Sweet 16 weekend.

Most online votes and texts (Send BC To Vegas With Captain Morgan: Txt RACHEL To 4468) wins.

The voting for the Elite 8 ends today. Of course we are on pins and needles. You do realize what a free trip means to a Midwestern-based bloggers, right?

Captain Morgan Bracketmaster Challenge:

What: We’re on the cusp of actually partying with Morganette Rachel in Vegas next weekend!

Voting: Go here to vote online. It’s quick, harmless and you even have the chance to win some really cool prizes (no, you don’t win a date in Vegas like we do).  Or…Text RACHEL To 4468. Texting is free (normal carrier fees apply) and you guys are on unlimited texting so go nuts. Help us out.

When: NOW! Voting ends tonight at midnight PST.

Why: Seriously, this winter has been a complete bitch. It’s 80 in Vegas today and we have Sunny -1600 on the moneyline.

Why Part #2: Seriously, Captain Morgan will actually let us party with Rachel and her team of bodyguards within close proximity. Make it happen, people. Help out Uncle Busted Coverage.


Photos after the jump show you Rachel and her friends who’ll also be there to act like they enjoy partying with bloggers.

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