Cuff ‘Em: Oh, Look Three Auburn Black Guys And Token White Guy From Football Team Arrested For Burglary


By now, if you’ve watched ESPN over the last 8 hours you know that four Auburn footballers have been arrested for robbery, burglary and theft.

We’re not even focused on that as much as we are how the wire report characterized those arrested.

BC reader Tyler had this in our email waiting for us this morning:

Mike McNeil, Antonio Goodwin, Shaun Kitchens and Dakota Mosley all were arrested early Friday morning in Auburn, Ala.

Auburn police said that three black men entered a house about three miles from campus, and one displayed a handgun. Police said they stole property.

After a motor vehicle stop, the four were arrested and a pistol and stolen property were recovered, according to Auburn police. Mosley is white.

The four players were charged with five counts of first-degree robbery, one count of first-degree burglary — both of which are felonies — and one count of third-degree theft. All four were being held in the Lee County Detention Center on $511,000 bail.

Mosley is white? Shit, never would have known that from those mug shots included in this piece.

From all of our days doing Cuff ‘Ems, never before has there been a clarification as to skin color of those arrested. Very strange indeed.

As for Auburn footballers being arrested for such acts, doesn’t surprise us. With gas prices, food prices and the cost of a new release movie going through the roof, stipends just don’t stretch as much as back in the day.

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