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The Miguel Cabrera DUI Video: "Shoot Me"

The Detroit Free Press was kind enough to file a FOI for the Miguel Cabrera DUI video and published it today.

The newspaper also included code so bloggers could use the video. (Wait until you hear the cops giving a play-by-play w/profanity!)


Posted: Today!

Premise of Video: It’s the Miguel Cabrera DUI video. Cops have the Detroit Tigers slugger in the back of a cruiser and are detailing the arrest. It’s a long one. Nearly 30 minutes.

Climax of Video: Since it’s so long there are plenty of highlights, but at the 7:00 mark Miggy tries to talk and shit just ain’t happening. At the 8:30 mark he drops a “Hey Gringo!”

Conclusion: You have to visit the Free Press for the 42-page arrest affidavit. You even get photos of the scotch whiskey bottles!

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