So Jim Tressel Risked His Career & Ohio State’s Football Program To Protect Terrelle Pryor & His Homeboys?

Update: This post was originally published July 16, 2010, but we figured it was appropriate during these days when OSU fans wonder what the hell became of their football program. We told you people, like two years ago, that Pryor was huge trouble. We also documented his asshole-ish ways. The emails followed. We were called everything imaginable. Now we know that Jim Tressel tried to cover Pryor’s stupid ass. Enjoy your sanctions, OSU fan. Hope that five-tooler was worth it.

It’s not that we’re trying to pick on Terrelle Pryor 7 weeks or so before the start of the college football season.

(Thursday Sept. 2 7:30 Ohio State vs. Marshall)

It’s just that the Ohio State quarterback is making it too easy on us. We got the week started with TP looking a little wasted (see: above) with a random chick’s hand detecting Heisman penis.

Now, our greasy Indian researchers have discovered his viewpoints on what the difference is between good & bad biotches. It’s quite riveting and will make all those lily white OSU donors proud.

It’s nice to see TP stepping up to go to bat for women by saying not all of them are biotches.

That’s exactly the sort of leadership you’d expect from a Heisman Trophy candidate and odds on favorite to win the award unless Ingram goes nuts again, which is highly likely. Is it safe to say that during a down year for college football, Pryor is a top 3 candidate? In our minds, yes.

But then our boy goes off the deep end of civil responsibility and says a woman who messes with guys and expects gifts is a biotch.

-10 votes in the Heisman race.

That probably won’t go over well with the lesbian groups on the OSU campus.

The last part of TP’s biotch theory is just wonderful. He theorizes that men that mess with women and don’t give them anything aren’t biotches because they do it for FREE!


Let this be a lesson to all of you idiots who’ve been buying women dinner, that smelly garbage from lotion shops, lingerie, one-way tickets to visit you in L.A.

Quit wasting your money! Mess with women and don’t pay for shit.

Quit being a biotch.

[The Very First Legal Drunken Terrelle Pryor Photo To Hit The Internets? Let Us Have It, Ohio State Fans]

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