Nightcapper: Spaniards Finally Discover Alizee Paradis "World’s Hottest College Athlete"


It was just one of those joking headlines created because we didn’t have a storyline for images of some tennis chick from the University of Cincinnati.

Way back in 2009 images of Alizee Paradis crossed our desk. She was just another hot chick/athlete that Busted Coverage had images of but no storyline.

Why not call her the “Hottest Female College Athlete of the Decade?”

That was our hook. A few days later, the toolbags at TotalProSports stole our entire story premise, threw theirs onto Digg (which, in those days didn’t exactly cater to chick posts), the post went nuts because the TPS toolbag knew a bunch of toolbag Digg dorks who pushed the TPS post to the front page of Digg. Suddenly Alizee Paradis was everywhere.

And she was instantly known as the Hottest Female College Athlete of the Decade for her tennis game at UC.

So today we start looking at Busted Coverage traffic stats and noticed that Alizee was getting some serious hits via Google. Thinking she got naked for some famous Euro trash magazine, we set out to figure out the latest.

Google News led us to, some sort of Spanish news blog reporting how the Americans reported, in 2009, of this Ms. Paradis chick. And now Alizee is being Googled throughout Spain and Portugal. We can tell by BC traffic numbers.

So, congratulations to you Spaniards and the rest of Europe who is just now jumping on the bandwagon we started as a joke in ’09.

As for Alizee, she has a pretty cool blog where she writes about her travel and there are even bikini images. She seems to have given up tennis for good and is all about being sexy. Seems like the logical move. Her tennis game wasn’t nearly as impressive as that ass.

Have an image, know of a chick who is BC-worthy or have dirt on a drunk athlete? Email us.

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