Daily Dump: Small Erin Andrews Big Nose Twitter War, Las Vegas Mob Museum Murder Barber Chair, USC Frat Internal Sex Letter, Phillies Fan Rackage, Rosie Jone Underboob, Hall Pass Nudie Parts, Univision Cleav & The Dale Earnhardt Hearse!


Jesse Jane using her boobs, hand signals to help sell Diosa tequila.

• Lots of boobs and ass in today’s Dump. You’re welcome. It’s just one of those mornings.

• So Erin Andrews got in a brief Twitter war with one of her followers. She mentioned that Bob Huggins was wearing his Big East tourney credentials during yesterday’s West Virginia game. That resulted in this tweet from an EA hater. Big nose? Damn, that’s just wrong.

• How fucking cool is this? The Las Vegas Mob Museum has unveiled a barber’s chair that was “occupied by crime boss and hit man Albert Anastasia when he was shot to death in New York.” And you get photos of the crime!

• If you decide to watch or listen to ESPN today, you’ve been forewarned that the Lakers vs. Heat is tonight. Expect wall-to-wall coverage of yet another worthless regular season game.

• And what’s this? Target is now selling Charlie Sheen inspired shirts? #Winning

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Today’s Dump:

[Boobie Blog] – Shit you and the bros won’t be seeing on Spring Break: Maria Fowler’s boobs!

[BroBible] – USC frat internal email gets out, asks bros to give campus sex report! Defines Cleveland Sideslapper!

[Barstool Philly] – Best Rack On A Phillies Fan You’ll See All Day – PROMISE!

[Coed] – Your day will be ruined when you see the Rosie Jones underboob shots for Front

[Guyism] – Jesus H! New Vickie Secret model Erin Heatherton in this weird as shit photoshoot

[NSFW POA] – Elle is latest hot chick to get naked for Loaded

[The Nip Slip] – The best part of that new movie Hall Pass – Nicky Whelan’s rack!

[The Chive] – Hump Day: A day when looking at asses & working your stupid job collide

[CelebSlam] – In case your week isn’t complete without Sofia Vergara boob salad

[MoeJackson] – Who wants more cleav from that insane Univision red carpet event?

[Unreality] – You think your man cave home theater is fantastic? Um, look at this.

[Jalopnik] – Sad: The Dale Earnhardt hearse hits $1.5 million on eBay, auction pulled

[FOTP] – Here we have ‘Bama fan passing fake $100 bills – nice costume!

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