Video: Best One-Punch Street Brawl KO Video You’ll See All Day (Turn Up The Volume!)


It’s been quite slow in the “Fan Fight” video market so we’ve turned our attention to street brawls.

The big issue with outside-bar-fights is that cameras are usually running post-fight. Not this night. We have sweater guy running his mouth to collared button-up character.

Back and forth they go until the one button-up guy has had enough and decides to unload a right. Wait until you hear the audio on this shot to the face. VIDEO! JUMP! NOW!

Posted: March 6, 2011

Premise of Video: We see Red Rooster Bar and First Citizens Bank in this video. Our searches tell us this might be suburban Philly. Other than that the premise is that sweater dude comes to a fight in a sweater and doesn’t know when to walk away. SMACK!

Climax of Video: Sweater guy gets his shit handed to him at the 30-sec mark. And takes a glancing blow at the 40-sec mark.

Conclusion: Sweater guy probably looked awesome Monday morning when he walked into the law firm.

“What the fuck happened to you, Keith?”

“Aw, the damn dog tripped me and I fell down the stairs.”

The lesson here is that if you are wearing a sweater you shouldn’t be running your mouth to button-up guy. Nothing good ever comes from it.

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